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  • Three life lessons

    Hey Airmen with a capital "A", the following are three life lessons to help you refocus, achieve personal expectations and maximize your contributions to the Air Force, right now.Lesson one, focus on what you control. It is a time in our Air Force which we have been presented a myriad of changes and challenges. From changes to Enlisted Performance
  • SOS: Save Our Stories!

    Lt. Olin "Short Round" Hardy was beloved by the men he served with, not just because he was a great forward observer, but because he managed to bridge the infinite divide between Artillery, his trade, and the Infantry of Company L. His misadventures bringing scavenged creature comforts to the foxholes at the front, or in bringing extra fire to bear
  • Stepping in

    About this time two years ago, our Air Force was making national news in the wake of reported sexual assaults in the ranks. Still more troubling was the estimated magnitude of unreported assaults and the unwillingness of bystanders to intervene or report them.As part of the effort to combat harassment and assaults, there were several wing and
  • Running life

    My commander leaves us this summer and I felt compelled to share with you a little about him that you may have not known and I thought was cool. The gentleman I am describing is Maj. Jason Kalin, 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander.  Interesting fact: he has participated and completed one Ultramarathon (63.75 miles), 16 marathons, five
  • Grapenuts and milk anyone?

    On the tail end of Women's History Month and all the talk about resiliency, I felt it appropriate to tell a story about a lady named Marcia Muncaster...do you know her?  The story starts with Marcia marrying right out of high school in the late 1960's. She and her husband would have two kids and struggle in the suburbs of St. Louis.  Wanting a
  • Surviving, learning to live

    Red and blue lights surround my house. My biological mother is in tears and her boyfriend is yelling at the men with shiny badges and guns on their hips. My siblings and I are sitting on the couch, quietly.My life was about to change dramatically.My mother was at a young age when she found out she was pregnant with me - just 18 years old.We lived
  • What is the Social Domain?

    There are four areas of a person's life which capture the totality of how they experience and relate to others and themselves.  In order to be a balanced person, you must first have a balanced lifestyle.  The mental, physical, social, and spiritual domains are the four areas that require constant vigilance.The last quarter, we focused on the
  • How to be happily married to the military

    Remember when you got engaged and people would give you all kinds of unsolicited advice? I remember my aunt telling me that when you marry a man, you don't just marry him ... you marry his whole family. No one ever tells you that when you marry a military man, you don't just marry the man ... you marry the military as well.It's a huge challenge to
  • OPSEC and social media savvy

    Many of you may have seen in the news this past weekend that ISIS released a list containing the names, addresses, and photos of 100 current U.S. service members. The members who are on the list have already been contacted by their assigned units and they and their families are receiving support from both military and law enforcement agencies. Here
  • Commentary: Rosie the Riveter and me

    As we recognize Women's History Month this March, I am struck by the thought that heroes and role models do not have to be one single person but, in fact, can be several people. For me, this truth is especially relevant.During World War II, many women opted to take on male dominated trades to support their families while their husbands fought in