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  • Principles of leadership

    As you all are aware, we've been involved in combat operations for over 17 years. From the time the First Fighter Wing deployed into the eastern province of Saudi Arabia in August of 1990, our Air Force has been fighting continuously across the globe. Our Airmen participated in operations in Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq to
  • Itching to serve: A Grim Reaper in Vietnam

    No matter how bad a war gets, some Americans will always serve. In previous Warrior articles, you read about 13th Bomb Squadron "Grim Reapers" serving in WWII and Korea. Both those wars had political and popular support from home. Sometimes, that support fades, as happened during the Vietnam War. However, despite the debates at home, it seems you
  • Five keys to being a successful supervisor

    Supervision is the first line of management in any organization. Supervisors are charged with encouraging and motivating members of a work center to work together to accomplish the organization's goals and objectives. The supervisor's work involves planning, organizing, staffing, motivating and controlling. Along with these skills the supervisor
  • The core values -- the bedrock to service

    When there is a visible enemy to fight, the tide of patriotism in this country runs strong. But when there is a long, slow struggle, with no immediate visible foe, when you watch your contemporaries indulging the urge for material gain and comfort and personal advancement, your choice will seem hard, and you will recall, I am sure, the lines found
  • Prevent Sexual Assault: Ask! Act! Intervene!

    The Department of Defense Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office and the military services adopted a sexual assault awareness campaign to advance our continued efforts in prevention sexual assault in the military. This year's theme, "Prevent Sexual Assault: Ask! Act! Intervene!" focuses on the ability of every servicemember to prevent sexual
  • Whiteman history revisited, heroes remembered

    The proud heritage of Whiteman Air Force Base dates back to 1942 when U.S. Army Air Corp officials selected the site of the present-day base to be the home of Sedalia Army Air Field and a training base for Waco glider pilots, who saw action in World War II. Following the war, the airfield remained in service as an operational location for Army Air
  • Leadership styles -who influenced you?

    I was recently interviewed by one of my non-commissioned officers working on a project about leadership in industry for a class he was taking. He was doing a comparison of leadership in industry and leadership in the Air Force. One of the questions he asked was if I had a particular leadership style ... I gave the ever popular response, "it
  • Playing with fire

    In 2002, the National Fire Protection Association estimated more than 13,500 child-playing structure fires were reported in the U.S., with associated losses of 210 civilian deaths, 1,250 civilian injuries, and $339 million in direct damage. I think we can all remember as children being told not to play with fire. This saying has new meaning with
  • Motivation: Take it personally

    After reading the article, it led me to ask another question... what if duty, honor and country weren't enough to motivate a person to perform "above and beyond?" What are the "little things"? It may sound cynical, but what if an airman is looking for another kind of motivation other than duty, honor and country? How do we motivate our Airmen in
  • OSS commander emphasizes importance of nuclear inspections

    The 509th Bomb Wing has proven itself over and over. Since the arrival of our first B-2, bringing the weapons system from infancy to successful employment in three conflicts, we have past muster. From this commander's perspective, the past 18 months or so have been no different. Let's see ... since taking command in June of 2006, I've had the honor