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  • Not just someone’s boss

    As with any endeavor that is done correctly, much time is required to do it properly. This is especially true when it comes to leading people. There is a tremendous difference between being a leader and merely being someone's boss or superior. The former takes commitment, while the latter is a function of position. In the Air Force this usually
  • Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility

    Too many people are caught up in the belief that because they are on a military installation it is automatically more secure than living and working off base.While it is true there is a measure of security provided by the fence and guards, they are not the only means of protection. Airmen and how they are involved in their community is the primary
  • The grass is greener…on both sides of the fence

    "See there's a big-eyed fish, swimming in the sea, Oh, how he dreamed to be a bird, Swooping, diving through the breeze. One day, he caught a big blue wave, up onto the beach,And now he's dead, you see; a fish's dream should stay in the sea.Oh God, under the weight of life, things seem brighter on the other side."--Dave MatthewsEver wonder what you
  • Historian documents 509th, Whiteman AFB significance

    Many of you may be unaware that the wing has a historian. Many Air Force wings have a historian who is responsible for documenting the achievements and challenges the unit met during the year and keeping vital, mission-related statistics. This information is then compiled into the annual history for future research needs. The annual histories for
  • Education opens doors

    Let me say up front there are very few things I'm as passionate about as education, whether it be an advanced degree, a vocational course, or reading a book to understand the world around you. Education opens doors and serves as a catalyst for one to improve their lot in life and grow as a person. I recently hit my 20-year point in the Air Force,
  • Much obliged, Jim

    Call me obliged. Some years ago -- never mind how long precisely -- having just completed basic training at Fort Benning, Ga. and entering Alpha Company 1st Battalion 29th Infantry Regiment as a newly-minted Army mechanized infantryman, I was finally free from the academic demands of high school -- Mr. Hester's English class, in particular. Not
  • Hoot’s Law: You can always make things worse

    Many of us are familiar with Murphy's Law, which generally states, "What can go wrong, will go wrong." This is a great saying, as it teaches us to be prepared, have backup plans, and apply critical thinking to our proposed actions. A not so familiar adage, yet very powerful, is Hoot's Law.I was introduced to Hoot's Law during a gathering at Maxwell
  • Balance; learning to prioritize

    Balance: a fairly basic word that we're all familiar with, but how many appropriately apply it to their life? I'd like to offer a couple methods toward achieving and maintaining balance in your work and at home. The first is to determine what is important and what is urgent.We are all faced with choices on a daily basis: Do I stay at work to get a
  • Am I worthy?

    Did you ever have a grandparent, parent or an old chief tell you how easy you have it? The old adage, "When I was your age I walked to school barefoot in the snow, uphill, both ways."While this is a slight exaggeration it does make me think about the Airmen who have come before me and the burdens they've had to endure. It makes me wonder if I am
  • Privatized housing in full-swing

    It is a time of uncertainty for many of our housing residents at Whiteman Air Force Base. Housing privatization is in full-swing and it has left members wondering what changes are in store for them. It is human nature to be reluctant to change, especially when you don't see a need for it. There may be some negative perceptions toward privatization