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  • Support from wingmen helps defy once-impossible goals

    Since I can remember, I have always had an aspiration to join the Air Force, but joining meant an ample amount of physical activity, even after basic training, with yearly, if not twice yearly, physical fitness tests. A timed, mile-and-a-half run is the standard distance ran on the cardiovascular portion of the Air Force fitness test. I've always
  • Asking for help

    In the 1990's it was not uncommon for an Airman to hear the phrase "Suck it up!" It was also rare to find the supervisor who would encourage Airmen to seek help to work through mental health concerns. It seemed the Senior Noncommissioned Officers were worried more about maintaining the appearance of a strong and ready force. Unbeknownst to them,
  • Why me?

    Until now, I have only highlighted success strategies without going into too much detail about how they work in my own life. Throughout this commentary, I will show you how I went from an average career to one filled with excitement, passion, and energy.Until recently, I have always questioned my success. One question kept coming back to me, "Why
  • Spiritual resiliency for the holidays: How to think about the holidays

    Have you ever noticed that we are called "human beings" and not "human doings"? It is something worth thinking about. It seems we are constantly doing and doing more and more. As we approach the holidays, I would like to encourage you think more about your being and less about your doing to relieve some of the stress of this time of year. Here are
  • Motorcycle safety: The last ride of fall

    As the riding season winds down and the weather turns to a more wintery mix, many of us riders find ourselves compelled to ride on the few clear, albeit cold, days remaining before winter fully strikes. Keep in mind that it's only the end of the riding season; next spring will bring a new one and it is only a few months away. Don't go out and take
  • Stay safe on Thanksgiving!

    Did you know according to the National Fire Protection Association that Thanksgiving is the leading day of the year for home fires involving cooking equipment? Here are just a few tips for you for kitchen safety during Thanksgiving from NFPA and your local fire department.- Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking on the stove top so you can keep
  • Who you spend time with is who you become

    "Watch the company you keep. Both optimism and gloom are contagious."--Alan WeissOver the last year I have been on a quest to document simple success strategies that if followed will increase career success. Today, I would like to share with you another key success strategy.Raise your standards. Embrace a peer group that challenges you.Whether you
  • The quality of our lives is based upon the quality of our rituals

    Over the last year I've been on a quest to identify and highlight simple success strategies that, if followed, will increase career success.Where does one start on the path to becoming successful?Some would say, "habits," but it goes farther than that. Habits are repeatable actions that we don't think about. Rituals are actions embedded with
  • ‘Good’ is the new ‘average’

    In today's ultra-competitive environment, being "good" is the new "average." We must continually progress toward being "excellent" and "outstanding." Each tip below, when applied with consistent effort, will put you on a path to continued success. If all you do is give each a passing glance, or try once and give up, your chances of success will
  • ‘I am Air Force Energy’ campaign kicks off

    October is Energy Action Month, an opportunity for Airmen to learn more about the impact of energy to the Air Force's mission as part of a national campaign led by the Department of Energy. This year's theme, "I am Air Force Energy," puts the Airman at the center of the campaign. The goal is to inspire the total force to be more efficient so they