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FAA Aviation mechanic certification

WHITEMAN AFB, MO -- Whiteman became the 16th Air Force Base to earn the capability of administering the Federal Aviation Administrations aviation mechanic certification examinations March 15. 

Ongoing efforts by the base training and education center, for more than one year, culminated in the center meeting all requirements and receiving authorization to provide three Airframe and Powerplant tests. 

Airmen can now take the test here and save money, which was not the case previous to last week's announcement 

"Now that Whiteman is authorized to administer these tests, students have the convenience of taking them here on base rather than having to travel to Kansas City," said Cathy Brogan, Whiteman Training and Education Center director. 

"Additionally, these tests are free-of- charge, and I understand the fee for testing in Kansas City is $145. As you can see, these are definite benefits for our personnel," Mrs. Brogan said. 

Nevertheless, the application process was successful and involved perseverance by the education center to begin certifying competent aviation mechanics.

"Extensive telephonic training, together with having to study voluminous testing material, resulted in the test control officer and the test examiner each taking a web-based test," Mrs. Brogan said. 

With the increased interest in the airframe and powerplant program at Whiteman in the last few months, the capability for the base to administer the test could not have come at more opportune time, said Rodney Jackson base training and education services flight chief. 

As stated by the Community College of the Air Force, FAA eligibility and certification assists career enhancement and professional development, resulting in a more well-rounded and diverse aircraft maintenance technician benefiting the individual and the Air Force, Mr. Jackson said. 

The basic prerequisites for an aviation mechanic certificate require Airmen to have a combination of experience, knowledge, and skill. 

Therefore, people interested in taking any of the tests must meet eligibility requirements. 

"To become certified in airframe and powerplant, our Whiteman enlisted maintainers must take the FAA Aviation Mechanic Certification computer-based knowledge examinations," Mrs. Brogan said. 

"There are three examinations: aviation mechanic airframe, aviation mechanic general and aviation mechanic powerplant." 

Airman can take advantage of these examinations by registering for the free course, which counts toward a CCAF degree, and then completing a series of tests for certification, which are also free. 

Since the course is in its infancy here, examination days will be determined by the influx of those interested in taking the tests. 

"To start with, we will dedicate Friday mornings to administer these tests. If numbers do not justify a dedicated testing session, we will incorporate these tests into our normal testing schedule," Mrs. Brogan said. 

As Airmen realize taking the tests here are advantageous, they aren't the only ones who will benefit. 

"Taking the A&P course through the CCAF obviously not only saves the Air Force tuition assistance dollars," Mrs. Brogan said. "(But) taking the tests here on base saves the student the testing fee. This is a win/win situation for everyone." 

For more information or to schedule an FAA aviation mechanic certification examination, call the base education and training center at 687-5752.