393rd Bomb Squadron named AFGSC Best

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Dawn M. Weber
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

The 393rd Bomb Squadron distinguished themselves above other Air Force Global Strike bomb squadrons by earning the Brig. Gen. Kenneth N. Walker Award, awarded annually to the best bomber squadron in the command.

The 393rd BS led all AFGSC bomb squadrons by flying 900 hours in two U.S. Secretary of Defense level exercises, generating 12 aircraft for Exercise Global Thunder and executing over 109 high visibility missions. The squadron also deployed 246 personnel to Diego Garcia at the height of a global pandemic, where they flew 269 hours, 12 higher headquarter missions and accomplished 100% of combatant command objectives, all while reporting zero COVID-19 transmissions.

“I felt extremely proud of my folks. Our squadron is unique; we are small in size, but arguably the most lethal bomber unit on the planet,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Christopher Conant, 393rd Bomb Squadron commander. “The B-2 Spirit is the only platform that combines penetrating stealth, a lot of range, and an immense payload of weapons.”

The award also recognizes the Airmen who conduct intelligence, provide pre- and post-mission analysis, and oversee flight records, as well as helping agencies such as the Maintenance, Mission Support, and Medical groups.

“This award is also a reflection of Whiteman Air Force Base as a whole,” said Conant. “I am surrounded by an amazing team of teams, from maintenance, to mission support, to medical – they all help make the mission possible for my folks so when we are ‘handed the football’ and fly into harm’s way, we can execute with precision.”

U.S. Air Force Col. Jeffrey Schreiner, 509th Bomb Wing commander, echoed Conant’s excitement and pride.

“The 393rd Bomb Squadron earned this award through sustained excellence, teamwork, and 100% commitment to the Striker mission,” said Schreiner. “This award represents each and every Airman attached to the bomb squadron and all the helping agencies. Together they are a strong unit that is constantly striving to be the best in the Air Force. This recognition is proof that our team is ready anywhere, anytime.”

The award was named in honor of the former commander of the 5th Bomber Command, Brig. Gen. Kenneth N. Walker, who served during World War II. Walker repeatedly accompanied his units on bombing missions into Japanese-held territory.

“It is incredibly humbling,” said Conant. “Brig. Gen. Walker was one of the key pioneers of Airpower doctrine who challenged the status-quo by arguing that high-altitude precision bombing could transform warfare. The 393rd Bomb Squadron changed warfare in August 1945, and when the B-2 came along it changed warfare again. This aircraft represents the manifestation of the high altitude precision bombing dream those Airpower founders had.”