Robo bot 3 : Kids bring machines to life.

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Jovan Banks
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs

This portion of the build fuses LEGOs with actual robotics, with teammates executing the robot’s movements around the challenge course.

“The team has to use the coding program provided to them,” said Rickey Brandenburg, a coach of the LEGO First robotics team. “They also have to code each movement of the robot.  It really cannot do anything without commands from the code and the thoughts of the team.”

With the amount of participants on the team, coming to a final solution for the project could be a problem for some teams.

 “The thing that has impressed me the most about this team is the ability of each team member to put aside their individual desires and go with the team decisions and their ability to come together as a team so quickly,” said Brandenburg.


This display of selfless teamwork is never more evident than when getting the robot to move on the course.

“First they must decide which element on the playing field they want to tackle,” said Brandenburg

. “Then they have to determine the precise movements and how they want the robot to accomplish that challenge by either moving an object, pushing an object or triggering an element to make something else happen.”

While only four weeks into their season, this rookie team has a long road ahead of them but believe they have what it takes to win.

 “I believe each team member brings a unique talent to this team,” said Brandenburg.  “We have thinkers and builders.  We have team members who refuse to live inside the box and think way beyond it.”


“This is what gives us the ability to win, not just at competition but at school, college and life.” 

Whiteman’s LEGO FIRST robotics team is scheduled for Dec. 2, 2017 at Bingham Middle School in Independence Mo. Let’s wish them the best.