• Honor guard helps lay President Ford to rest

    WASHINGTON -- It's what many Airmen work for, day in and day out -- the chance to actually do what they have been training for, and to carry out their mission to the fullest. For members of the Air Force Honor Guard here at Bolling Air Force Base, this is that day. These honor guardsmen helped the nation pay its final respects to former President
  • Air Force investing in greater lethality for B-2s

    LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Va. -- The Air Force isn't being stealthy about plans to upgrade its B-2 Spirit fleet; officials say the bomber will need numerous upgrades over its life span. Some upgrades are already complete, but others are planned years, even decades ahead, said Lt. Col. Brian Zembraski, 509th Bomb Wing director of staff at Whiteman Air
  • JNSI validates wing's readiness

    The 509th Bomb Wing earned the highest possible rating from the Air Combat Command Inspector General team and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency during the six-day Joint Nuclear Surety Inspection that ended Monday. The JNSI is an intense event, said the ACC IG team chief. The inspection team was impressed by the wing's performance and would be
  • Special Delivery: Whiteman families receive holiday help with preparing Thanksgiving feast

    Thanksgiving is traditionally a time for families to come together, enjoy a meal and create memories. Not all families are able to prepare a bountiful dinner due to financial or personal hardships. That's where the Whiteman Thanksgiving Food Baskets Program comes in. The food basket program helps of the 509th Bomb Wing and their families to make
  • Airmen helping Airmen

    As Air Force Airmen, a critically important task we have each day is to find a way to help ourselves and other Airmen solve problems to get the job done. Where do you start? Start with helping yourself by taking care of your personal life and your family. Don't feel like you're alone, though; we have a large organization standing by to help you