Community Relations

Air Force support for your special event

Whiteman Air Force Base has a very active community relations program and an excellent relationship with the surrounding communities. The base and its Airmen are extensively involved in local community organizations and often participate in, or support, the events they sponsor. 

If you would like to request support from the base community for your upcoming event, please read below for more information on how and where to make that request. We've included specific information on the types of support we can most often supply if requested:

  1. An Air Force member to speak

  2. An Air Force honor guard

  3. Help you request an aircraft flyover or other military aviation support

There may be other activities, not included on this list that we could support if requested. 

For more information, call the Public Affairs office at (660) 687-6126.


Base Community Council Information

The Base Community Council consists of more than 350 people representing 18 communities from Columbia to Kansas City. 

The group meets monthly at Whiteman AFB. Each community is assigned a liaison squadron from Whiteman, and members of that unit participate in a wide range of events with their community partner. The BCC also works closely with the base to plan special events such as the annual open house and airshow. 

The members of the Base Community Council come from a diverse group of business, religious, educational and professional careers. The primary qualification for membership is simply a desire to interact more with the military community at Whiteman Air Force Base. 

Objectives include: 
--Identifying common interests of the civilian and military populations and support community efforts of mutual concern. 
--Getting full base and community leader participation to solve problems of mutual interest. 
--Increasing civilian understanding of the Air Force mission. 
--Giving continuity to the community relations program. 

The BCC meets the first Thursday of each month at noon at Mission's End unless otherwise specified due to holidays or special events such as guest speakers or evening socials. 

For more information, call the Public Affairs office at (660) 687-6121.


How do I report a low-flying aircraft or loud noise/damage caused by an aircraft?

To report a low-flying aircraft or aircraft causing loud noise and/or damage, call the Whiteman Public Affairs Office at (660) 687-6123 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
For after hours calls please contact (660) 687-3778.

When calling, please provide as much information as possible. For example:

Date and time of incident
Address nearest incident
Type and color of aircraft 
Any damage that may have occurred

We also ask that you provide your name and a phone number where you can be reached for further questions and clarification.

Any information is helpful and will not be released for any other purpose other than to investigate the report.


Requesting a flyover or other military aviation support

Requests for a military flyover at your special event can be made through the 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office or the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support home page. 

For more information, visit Whiteman's Public Tours and Flyovers page.