Safety office highlights safety precautions with new steel spikes at gates

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo -- Steel anti-terrorism/force-protection spikes have recently been installed at each gate on the out-bound lanes to enhance base security.

As with any change such as this, Team Whiteman is encouraged the take note of some important safety precautions regarding the spikes.

If not driven over in the correct way, these spikes have the potential to cause tire damage, which could lead to an accident. In an effort to prevent tire damage and potential mishaps, the 509th Bomb Wing ground safety office offers the following recommendations.

- Drivers should continue to follow all traffic and speed signs. Maximum speed limit is 5 MPH over the spikes.

- Driving straight through the spikes is essential to prevent tire damage. Drive straight on the spikes.

- Avoid an angled approach. Approaching at an angle or turning the wheel increases the potential for a spike to puncture a tire sidewall. CAUTION: Do not change lanes.

- There are multiple sections of plates with steel spikes. The best way to avoid tire damage is to center tires in the middle of individual plates.

Following these simple recommendations can go a long way in preventing tire damage, and thus any accidents that could result from such damage.