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Default Air Force Logo Motivational leadership
What motivates us? We go to work to do our jobs and we all expect the work we do will have an impact, the satisfaction of what we've done matters and it truly does. The definition of "what matters or motivates us" is different for each individual. For some it's money, others working a trade craft and still others it's pleasing superiors. There are
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Default Air Force Logo Introduction to OPSEC
When employing aircraft in any type of hostile situation, most people instantly think of the physical characteristics that make it survivable. Throughout the history of air power tactics and counter tactics, aircraft have used speed and maneuverability, electronic countermeasures, the ability to fly very low or very high and most recently -
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Grenier Army Air Field, in Manchester, N.H. (File photo) Remembering the Army Air Forces and the newly created U.S. Air Force
It was a historical event - Sept. 18, 1947, the day the U.S. Air Force became a separate branch of the armed services as authorized by the National Security Act of 1947 passed by Congress. Stuart Symington was sworn in as secretary of the Air Force and Gen. Carl Spaatz was sworn in as the chief of staff of the Air Force. Among their early goals was
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Default Air Force Logo STI's -Start Thinking Insurance
A few months ago as the first sergeant for the 509th Security Forces Squadron, I received a call from the public health office requesting permission to do a public health briefing on sexually transmitted infections for one of the largest squadrons on base. I told them we were scheduling commander's calls and it would be no problem for them to
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Default Air Force Logo How often can a commander say, "Thanks"
I take this opportunity, to publicly thank the men and women of the 509th Medical Group for their untiring commitment to providing health care to the beneficiaries of Team Whiteman. The 509th MedGp recently had our three-year accreditation inspection. I used the term "untiring" commitment, because for the last eight months the medical group has
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Default Air Force Logo Turmoil demands leadership
Over the last few months, we have seen great leaders depart the 509th Bomb Wing to retire, separate, or PCS. In fact, I was busy toiling over the retirement speech I would make at a great senior NCO's retirement recently, and it got me thinking ... what makes a great leader? Certainly, there are numerous books on it, and they are filled with the
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Default Air Force Logo Services depends on you
Consider for a moment how life would be if we didn't have the wonderful luxuries and recreational opportunities that the 509th Services Squadron offers us on a daily basis here. Okay, moment's over, it's too harsh to imagine. Let's discuss instead how our award-winning Services team relies, in many cases, primarily on your support to provide the
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Default Air Force Logo Let me tell you a story
Future National Football League Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith was a good college football player for the University of Florida, but he was a great professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys. Two intriguing questions come from those statements: What is the difference? And, what made the difference? The difference between good and
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Default Air Force Logo Serving those who serve
I stepped off the airplane in Pittsburgh ready to address a group of veterans at State Senator Jane Clare Orie's 11th Annual Memorial Tribute to Our Veterans and Service People. There were two other planned speakers, a Navy officer who had just returned from an Iraq deployment and an individual from the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. I knew
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Default Air Force Logo Living leadership
Early in our Air Force careers we are taught that leadership is the art of influencing people to accomplish the mission and many would agree that successful leaders possess certain personal characteristics, such as having a positive attitude, compassion or courage that makes them successful. Yet, others would dispute that having charisma or
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