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Default Air Force Logo What is a Vet?
(Editor's Note: Introduction by Chief Master Sgt. Brian Hornback, 509th bomb Wing command chief)Our Nation took time out Tuesday to reflect and remember that freedom isn't free and that price was paid for by the sacrifices of America's sons and daughters - we call them veterans. In the post September 11th time we live in, it is even more important
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Default Air Force Logo When a comment Is not a comment – the impact of disparaging terms
What has made the United States Air Force the most dominant Air Force in the world for the past 61 years? While we have the most advanced and sophisticated air and space technology, awesome weapons, state of the art command and control, it is the members of the Air Force, military, civilians and family members, that are our most important
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Default Air Force Logo Service and sacrifice
This past Veterans Day I was reminded of these two qualities; virtues that became a way of life nearly 70 years ago when our nation was in the midst of one of its greatest struggles ever. Times were very tough back then. We were a nation at war in a struggle against evil around the globe. A war against people who wanted to rid the globe of
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Default Air Force Logo Challenges of leadership in a deployed environment
After returning from Afghanistan as a squadron commander in January, I have had time to reflect on the role that leadership plays in a deployed environment. Through my introspection, I have distilled four basic leadership philosophies that strengthen the most valuable military resource--our Airmen. Leadership and positive attitude are a mindsetThis
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Default Air Force Logo Secrets to success
I am often asked, what is the secret to making chief master sergeant? The truth be told, there is no secret. There is no hidden path, secret hand shake or super secret checklist that will ensure an individual's promotion. Everything we ever need to know to be successful in the military we learn in basic training. In that training, we're given all
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Default Air Force Logo You've got mail
In 1993, America Online and Delphi Electronics connected their proprietary email services to the Internet. This was the beginning of email as we know it today. Now, only 15 years later we rely on email and other forms of information technology to the point where they are so ingrained into the fabric of the military, as well as our personal lives,
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Default Air Force Logo Elect a 12 - point buck
Sept. 17 marked the beginning of another important phase of Whiteman history. That is the day this year's deer hunting season began. Preparations for deer season stretched back months, even years before the season opened. Some had purchased expensive and elaborate weapons with which to bag that elusive 12 - point buck. I am amazed at the technology
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Default Air Force Logo Why it is important to me that I serve my country
(Editor's note: Col. Gloria Twilley is a former commander, 509th Medical Group, August 2005 - June 2008. Colonel Twilley recently won the national American Legion Auxiliary award for her essay below. She was presented with the award at their national convention in Phoenix in August.)It is a pleasure for me to serve my country. I have served in the
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U.S. Air Force Staff Sergeant Edward Williams of St. Louis, exchanges a hearty handshake with his Commander-in-Chief, President Harry S. Truman, Oct. 13, 1950, at a casual meeting during the President's morning walk. Williams had been in the Air Force nine years at the time of this photograph. (Courtesy photo) Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Executive Order 9981: The Beginning of Equal Opportunity Program
On July 26, 1948, President Harry S. Truman defied members of his political party, dogmatic naysayers and the majority of the American populous, when he signed Executive Order 9981. This action occurred during an election year when he was running for president. What is Executive Order 9981? This directive prohibits segregation based on race, color,
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Default Air Force Logo B-2 weapons school... so easy a caveman can do it!
Since my return to the 325th Weapons Squadron a year ago, I have realized time and again that many Whiteman personnel are unaware of how Cavemen contribute to the Air Force mission of "Fly, Fight, and Win!" When I say I work in the Weapons Squadron, many immediately confuse us with the 509th Munitions Squadron. On the flightline, Airmen see the
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