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America's global strike capabilities on full display during POLAR ROAR

Whiteman Air Force Base, Mo. -- This week, Team Whiteman executed training operations in support of POLAR ROAR.

With flights to three distinct parts of the globe, POLAR ROAR’s unique design provided valuable training in polar navigation and weapons operations, as well as integration with NORAD and NATO allies and partners.

Moreover, it tested our bomber force’s ability to support three synchronized flight paths.

Strategic bomber missions, like POLAR ROAR, ensure crews maintain the readiness and proficiency necessary to provide an always-ready global strike capability.

“POLAR ROAR was specifically designed and closely coordinated with our allies to ensure we are integrating our bomber capabilities with their military assets to the maximum extent, strengthening and improving our interoperability as we work toward mutual goals,” said U.S. Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney, U.S. Strategic Command commander. “The unique, real-time training with NORAD and NATO that was afforded by POLAR ROAR enables us to build enduring relationships necessary to confront the broad range of global

Overall, POLAR ROAR involved three nonstop, simultaneous flights of CONUS-based bombers, to include B-52 Stratofortresses and B-2 Spirits. Our B-2s flew over the Pacific Ocean to Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, where they practiced intercepts with NORAD-assigned F-15s. The B-2 also conducted an inert weapons drop at the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex.

At the same time, B-52s from the 2nd Bomb Wing flew nonstop to the North and Baltic Seas and through the English Channel. During this mission, they conducted intercept training with multiple ally and partner aircraft, and then returned to their home station at Barksdale AFB, La.

Additional B-52s from the 5th Bomb Wing, Minot AFB, N.D., flew over the North Pole to mainland Alaska, where they conducted intercept training with NORAD-assigned F-22s and executed an inert weapons drop at the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex.