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73 Whiteman members promoted in August

WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. -- Seventy-three Team Whiteman members received new stripes during a promotion ceremony Aug. 1 at the Mission's End. 
They are: 


Jose Acevedo
and Stephen Hilton, 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Daniel Pensiero, 509th Security Forces Squadron

Airman 1st Class 

Oswaldo Escobedo, 509th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Daniel Hadder, 509th Communications Squadron

Nabeel Mohammad and Stephanie Suggs, 509th LRS

Natalie Cooper, Cheri Hill, Christopher Lopez and Reina Paschal, 509th Medical Operations Squadron

Cherelle Townes, 509th Medical Support Squadron

Nicholas Clark, 509th Operations Support Squadron

Chester Champion, Brian Corbett, James Eveland, Scott Faust, Daniel Keener, Jacob Pinion, Brian Sullivan and Jessica Wildrick, 509th SFS

Tanner Heaton, 509th Services Squadron

Senior Airmen 

Bradley Johnson, 509th AMXS

Michael Mason, 509th CS

Shylynn Maddox, 509th Maintenance Operations Squadron

Brett Simmons, 509th Maintenance Squadron

Edward Ranowiecki, 509th Munitions Squadron

Matthew Gardner, Stephanie Lamberth, Bailey Lammers, Amy Mowrey, Michelle Salyer, Craig Schutte and Tracy Willden, 509th OSS

Justin Consley, Coury Harrison, Carlos Perez and Erika Zaler, 509th SFS

Staff Sergeants 

Ronald Lerch, 13th Bomb Squadron

Brian Cockroft, 394th Combat Training Squadron

Travis Andrews, Jeffrey Carlson, Morgan Carrillo, Andrew Kolesar, Jeffrey Longo, Richard Maurer and Christopher Therrian, 509th AMXS

Andrea Coombs and Matthew Street, 509th Civil Engineer Squadron

John Tremblay, 509th CS

Kyle Light and Robert Shearer, 509th CPTS

Jose Rios, 509th LRS

Ruben Lopez, 509th MOS

Timothy Cleveland and Travis Hughes, 509th MXS

Daniel Sewell, 509th MUNS

Rachelle Carnley, 509th OSS

Brady Grimm, 509th SFS

Technical Sergeants 

David Brackin and Andrew Ferguson, 509th CES

Timothy Rigelman, 509th MXS

Kenneth Hampton, 509th MDOS

Andrew Rapkin and Carl Raue, 509th MUNS

Master Sergeants 

Sherry Duggan, 325th Weapons Squadron

Andrew Ray, 509th AMXS

Allen Mimms, 509th CES

David Adams and Homer Espravnik, 509th LRS

Brian Pulliam, 509th Maintenance Group

Raymond Sharp, 509th MXS

Don Ware, 509th SVS