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Commissary case lot sale shoppers swarm their stores

FORT LEE, Va. - -- If you clip coupons 'till the Sunday paper looks like Swiss cheese, you might be a commissary shopper. If you are so good at managing your grocery budget you have extra money in your checking account, you might be a commissary shopper. If you have ever gotten up at dawn and waited in line to buy bargains in bulk, you just may be a commissary shopper of the case lot sale variety.

All kidding aside, shopping at your local commissary case lot sale can earn you some serious savings.

"Shopping regularly at your local commissary saves you an average of 30 percent or more as compared to grocery stores outside the gate," said Patrick Nixon, Defense Commissary Agency director and chief executive officer. "But there are even bigger savings to be had at commissary case lot sales ― up to 50 percent or more."

And who can't use a little extra cash in their pocket?

Each year in May and September, the Defense Commissary Agency holds a worldwide case lot sale event, offering customers bulk quantities of their favorite products at increased savings, such as canned goods, beverages, cleaning or laundry products and in some cases, fresh chicken, pork, beef and produce.

After a record-breaking sale of more than $12.5 million in sales and 1.8 million cases of product sold worldwide in May, the September sale is expected to be bigger and better than ever.

Case lot sales represent one of the many ways commissaries work to bring shoppers the best benefit possible.

"We are always looking for ways to give customers the most value for their money," Mr. Nixon explained. "The twice-a-year worldwide sale has become a commissary tradition, and shoppers look forward to stocking their pantries and multiplying their savings."

The sales occur at stores on military installations around the world throughout September. 

To find out when your store is hosting a sale, check out the special worldwide case lot sale page at

Some stores even post a list of products they will offer. Since each store will carry a unique variety of products, customers may want to check out the sale dates for multiple installations and make plans to visit as many sales as they can throughout September.

Customers planning to travel long distances to attend a case lot sale should check directly with their commissary before making the trip because inclement weather or other emergencies can force a last-minute change in sale dates or even cancellation.

Contact information can be found on individual store pages at the following link: