Whiteman StealthWerx Team is now active!
Defender upgrades SFS scheduling system


Whiteman Air Force Base provides an important advantage to the fight. To stay ahead and ready for tomorrow’s challenges, we rely on your ideas and creativity. Innovation is the Warfighter's Edge.

Enlisted, officer and government employees may now submit their innovative ideas to the StealthWerx Innovation Hub. StealthWerx connects members of Team Whiteman to people and resources across government, industry and academia to solve Whiteman Air Force Base’s most challenging problems.

Innovation: Easy as 1...2...3!

1. Use the submission form below. Submissions must include a brief summary of the problem or improvement idea. All ideas are eligible: Do you have an idea for new technological improvements – or a simply improvement to day-to-day activities around base? This is your chance to be heard and no idea is too small. 

2. Make your pitch!  A dedicated, multi-functional innovation team will review your submission and connect you to expert mentors from a variety of Air Force Specialties to hone in on potential improvements and implementation options. Selected programs will then will move toward funding and realization of the improvement.

3. Make a difference: Once approved and funded, ideas can quickly become a reality. Even small changes can have a big impact! 

Be the Warfighter's Edge.

Will your idea make the cut? Find out below!

StealthWerx Submission Form