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  • A team with chemistry

    There are many hazardous materials capable of causing massive damage and hindering the mission. Exposure to hazardous materials could cause health related problems or even result in death. To prevent these possibilities, the 509th Medical Operations Squadron Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight works every day to find solutions to protect Whiteman
  • Providing Whiteman with high quality H2O

    Water is a vital source in human life. Without it, survival is impossible. It contributes to every aspect of life, especially here at Whiteman Air Force Base. The 509th Civil Engineer Squadron water plant works 24/7 to ensure the base populace receives consistent purified water for most common needs such as showering and consumption, but also
  • From the Frontlines: Staff Sgt. Adrian Paisley

    From the lily pad prairies of Waypoint, Ga. to the sands of Southwest Asia, a 24-year-old Airman was called upon to deploy for a third time after serving five years and two deployments as a first-term Airman.Staff Sgt. Adrian Paisley, 509th Force Support Squadron fitness center specialist, was deployed to Southwest Asia, alongside a team of nine
  • AFRC eases Airmen’s transition

    Transition Goals, Planning, Success, implemented Air Force-wide in November 2012 by Executive Order 13518, expanded the length of the transition program from three days to five days, and integrated career and education counseling and training across the military life cycle.At the beginning of the program, each Service member must complete
  • Keeping Whiteman rolling with a turn of the wrench

    Firefighter trucks rolling, police cars patrolling, forklifts lifting - all thanks to the 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron's vehicle maintenance unit. The vehicle maintenance unit plays a significant role in the Whiteman mission ensuring all vehicles continue to operate."Without the vehicle maintenance unit, vehicles wouldn't be repaired,
  • Explosive combinations fuel the flames of EOD

    There are different types of improvised explosive devices capable of causing massive damage at any given time, whether overseas or at home. The solution to this problem: a team full of dedicated service members at Whiteman."When a bomb is dropped, we will go out to where ever it is and check to see if it's safe," said Staff Sgt. Donald Ross, 509th
  • Hanging out with AFE

    Pilots, as well as Airmen, must be knowledgeable about safety equipment and survival procedures in the event that a mission goes awry and their aircraft goes down. The Airmen from the 509th Operations Support Squadron aircrew flight equipment shop are experts when it comes to reacting to emergency situations, and the proper use of emergency safety
  • Arriving in one piece: TMO ensures proper care for owner’s property

    From the mail carriers to the final destination, packages and parts are being processed and handled with caution, ensuring delivery to the customer in one piece.Whiteman Air Force Base receives a steady flow of mail and supplies for both military and civilian personnel. Regulating and properly distributing these items is one of the responsibilities
  • Airmen showcase excellence in LCOY competition

    One way Air Force Global Strike Command shows the value of superior technical and weapons system expertise is through weapons load competitions.In keeping with that spirit, Airmen from Whiteman's 13th and 393rd Aircraft Maintenance Units and Air National Guard Airmen from the 131st Bomb Wing competed in the 2013 Load Crew of the Year competition at
  • A second chance at life, surviving against all odds

    Ischemic heart disease kills thousands of people every year in Western countries. Its main impact - it reduces blood flow to the heart.George Baldwin, L3 communications logistician, encountered the effects of this infamous ailment in November last year,in what proved to be a life-changing experience."It was a Monday morning - Nov. 18, 2013....I