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Airmen and family members at Whiteman Air Force Base are allowed to possess firearms in accordance with applicable state laws and installation regulations. Just as important as the right to carry arms, however, is the need to understand the responsibilities that come with owning and handling them.

Here are a few basic guide lines to help keep firearms safe and away from unauthorized access.

  • Always remove ammunition from firearms.
  • Assure no unauthorized persons have access to your firearm.
  • Place ammunition in a locked location, separate from firearms. When deciding where to store ammunition, remember to select a secure place that is out of sight and reach of children.
  • Secure unloaded firearms with a gunlock, gun alarm or other type of tamper-proof device, these might render the gun inoperable.
  • Store unloaded firearms, in lockable gun cabinet, safe, or locked vault. Remember to place a locked storage case where children cannot find it.
  • Keep firearms storage unit keys away from the "every day" keys.

Remember that proper storage or firearms and ammunition can significantly decrease injuries; the consequences of an accidental discard can be devastating. 

In addition to safe handling practices, Whiteman AFB requires gun owners to follow specific guidance while on the installation. If in doubt, contact your chain of command or the security forces visitor's center. 

Whiteman AFB Firearms registration and storage