From the Frontlines: Tech. Sgt. James Curts

  • Published
  • By Heidi Hunt
  • 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs
Some Airmen are no strangers to multiple deployments, and Tech. Sgt. James Curts, 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle operator, is one of them. After being absent for six months from this Air Force Global Strike Command base, he recently returned from Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait Jan. 18, completing his sixth deployment.

While deployed, Sergeant Curts was responsible for ensuring all aircrews received transportation from the flightline to their appropriate destination. He also ensured mission-critical vehicles were recovered if needed and turned in for repairs.

"Without our support crew, aircrews would not have had a way to get themselves or their gear, which is more than 600 pounds, to the aircraft in a timely manner," said Sergeant Curts. "If the crews had to drive themselves, it would lengthen their preparation time which would affect the mission.

"We did a lot of communicating with the C-17 and C-130 operations and the command post to effectively get crew buses where they needed to be," the sergeant said.

Without Sergeant Curts and his six-person support crew, aircrews would not have been able to begin their missions.

Although his job there was not very different from here at Whiteman, he said his deployment was a great way to get refocused and learn new leadership styles.

Sergeant Curts said his deployment was rewarding, but is happy to be back home. He said he missed the volunteer work he does for the local community as a fire fighter and as an emergency medical technician. But, of all, he missed his wife and spending time with her.

"I am very happy to have him home," said Husineh Curts, his wife. "I've always been fairly independent and did well on my own while he was deployed, but there's nothing like having someone you love, who supports you no matter what, someone to share your thoughts with at the end of the day, to actually be home. E-mails and occasional phone calls only go so far. Having him home means I get a real hug and kiss."

His wife wasn't the only one who missed him; his Air Force family welcomed his return.

"We are proud of his accomplishments," said Master Sgt. Wes Rincker, 509th LRS NCO in charge of the distribution section. "Sergeant Curts is an extremely versatile NCO in charge and a mainstay here. Having been here since August 2000 he and has a clear understanding of our mission and has developed invaluable technical and operational knowledge that is hard to replace."