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  • Safety: The curse that protects the 442nd

    After two days of hiding from thunderstorms and mud, the third day of the 442nd Fighter Wing's operational readiness inspection brought many Airmen out from under cover and into a safer atmosphere.Having been given the opportunity to flee the tight confines of the wing's unit control center, Lt. Col. Patrick Murphy, 442nd FW chief of safety,
  • Whiteman Spirit Award

    Brig. Gen. Robert Wheeler, 509th Bomb Wing commander, presented Maj. Sanora Brunson, 509th Comptroller Squadron commander, with the Whiteman Spirit Award Nov. 30. Retired Air Force Colonel John Riffle, nominated the Airman for the award.According to the nomination, Major Brunson demonstrated superior performance and goes above and beyond in her
  • From the Frontline: Staff Sgt. Charles Holley

    Editor's note: "From the Frontline" is a weekly column highlighting currently deployed Team Whiteman members, or those who have recently returned from deployment. This week's deployed member is Staff Sgt. Charles Holley.America has been at war for eight years now, and the Airmen of Whiteman Air Force Base have been heavily involved, both
  • From the Frontline: Capt. Michael Boswell

    "From the Frontline" is a weekly column highlighting currently deployed Team Whiteman members, or those who have recently returned from deployment. This week's deployed member is Capt. Michael Boswell.It would be easy to say that aircraft take servicemembers back and forth from their overseas deployed locations, and that the cargo used to support
  • Communication Focal Point - Keeping Whiteman connected

    Making up 75 percent of the 509th Communication Squadron, the members of the Communications Operations Flight, or CSO, help keep Whiteman connected.The team of more than 100 personnel is responsible for the Communication Focal Point, the centralized customer service center specifically designed to facilitate base communication needs. The CFP
  • Let's talk about winter-holiday safety ...

    With its festivities and inclement weather, the holiday season presents many safety trials both indoors and out. Being prepared and following simple safety tips can help keep individuals safe and warm this winter."Often times, accidents and mishaps happen close to home because people put their guard down," said Kevin McDowell, 509th Bomb Wing,
  • New ways to gobble that extra gobbler

    Chances are, when all of the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce is long gone, leftover turkey will still grace the refrigerator for several days at some point during the holiday season. Instead of the tired old (yet reliable and delicious) turkey sandwiches for a month afterward, why not try something different with all that Thanksgiving refuse?A
  • HAWC encourages family fitness, nutrition

    As part of the Year of the Air Force Family initiative, the Whiteman Health and Wellness Center is offering the Healthy Family Fitness and Nutrition Class at the HAWC monthly. The two-part class is designed to help families who are juggling home, work, and other events to stay healthy and fit. The HAWC staff highly-encourages Team Whiteman members
  • Where the 'Mission Ends' and the fun begins

    Housed in a B-2 shaped structure there is a facility and staff that offer a variety of events and entertainment for both military and civilian employees, from the youngest to the most seasoned, here.The Missions End, also known as The Club, has been offering a variety of catered events large and small -- from Airmen Leadership School graduations,
  • Team Whiteman encouraged to protect themselves from the flu

    Throughout history, infectious disease has been one of the most challenging adversaries for military forces. The outcome of almost every major military campaign has been decided by the health of the forces. In an effort to maintain force health protection, people battle influenza on a yearly basis. The "influenza season" in the United States takes