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  • 509th LRS, Clinton residents donate school supplies to Kyrgyz students

    "Always render more and better service than is expected of you, no matter what your task may be," -- Augustine "Og" Mandino, Bestselling Author.Last month, Capt. Sofia Ciro, 509th Logistics Readiness Squadron, currently deployed with the 376th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron, Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan, requested assistance from the
  • Eyes of the storm

    It came as a surprise to some; the line of low, dark clouds quickly devouring the western horizon. What had been a still, humid, summer day quickly transformed into torrents of rain, small hail and damaging winds.The forecasters at the 509th Operations Support Squadron Weather Operations Center have been anticipating the action. As the local
  • Keeping dogs healthy this summer

    Suffocating heat has invaded Missouri these recent summer days and residents have been finding ways to combat its effects. Unfortunately, pets and man's best friend in particular, aren't as lucky in obtaining shelter and water from the sun's rays. According to a pet-care website, dogs can't sweat as easily as humans. Dogs have very few sweat
  • Part of the mission

    A necessary component of the B-2 stealth bomber isn't working. The missing piece to this puzzle is among thousands of parts in a warehouse that has no shelves, containers, or systems that organize the items. Instead, there is a massive pile of hundreds of thousands of parts. To prevent chaos like this, Airman from the 509th Logistics Readiness
  • From the Frontlines: Staff Sgt. Mitchel Cooney

    From sunrise to sundown, vigilant efforts are needed to help fight the global war on terror. As U.S. and coalition forces assist in the rebuilding of Iraq, third-country-national workers are brought onto installations to build, clean and learn under the watchful eyes of their escorts. Staff Sgt. Mitchel Cooney, 509th Communication Squadron
  • Whiteman Airmen ready for first AFGSC Global Strike Challenge

    A total force team from the 509th and 131st Munitions Squadron were put to the test during a practice competition Monday in preparation for the first Global Strike Challenge later this month.B-2 Spirit, B-52 Stratofortress, B-1 Lancer, and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile units are competing in the first Global Strike Challenge, showcasing the
  • There's a fungus among us

    High humidity and an abundance of rain aren't at the top of many Missouri residents' list of things that make life grand, but if you happen to be a mold spore, this summer's weather is cause to rejoice.Mold thrives where there is oxygen, moisture and organic material to feed on. Its purpose on Earth is to to breakdown decaying material, but certain
  • "Chuting" for Safety

    It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon when you receive an unexpected call. The man on the line informs you an F-16 containing the parachute you personally packed, just went down. Do you trust your work? Are you in fear for the Airmen's lives?Master Sgt. Timothy Mertes, 509th Operations Support Squadron superintendent of aircrew flight equipment, said he
  • Spirit Award

    The 509th Bomb Wing commander, Brig. Gen. Robert Wheeler, presented Mr. Alex Slocum, 509th BW Information Protection, with the Whiteman Spirit Award July 12.Mr. Slocum was nominated for the award by Mrs. Jan Smith from the Missouri State Veterans Home director of volunteer services, for demonstrating outstanding service as the historian for the
  • From the Frontlines Master Sgt. Lowell Morris

    Flying blind is not an option. Combat missions are crucial to supporting overseas contingencies, allowing for no errors by everyone involved.To execute these missions effectively, Airmen like Master Sgt. Lowell Morris, a 509th Operations Support Squadron combat airspace management technician, are needed. Sergeant Morris recently returned from a