Serving our Airmen, mission

  • Published
  • By Col. Eric Single
  • 509th Bomb Wing vice commander
Since the Revolutionary War, morale, welfare and recreation programs have been recognized as an essential part of America's military. Back in those days, Services focused on fundamentals such as providing food and shelter. Commanders knew the important role combat support had in contributing to mission effectiveness. 

During World War I, Airmen had access to libraries, troop canteens and sports programs. 

In World War II, servicemembers had dedicated clubs where people could socialize and relax (in addition to chow halls and billeting). Today, we're fortunate to have a wide variety of recreation and community support activities that make a positive difference in the lives of Airmen and their families. 

Whiteman's Services program is focused on meeting the fitness, leisure and community needs of our people. 

They offer a broad array of programs, ranging from running a first-class fitness center and providing off-duty recreation activities, to running quality child care and youth programs that help parents cope with daily work situations. From operating the auto hobby shop to setting up pins at the bowling center, our Services squadron is there for us and we're proud to say we have the very best. For the second year in a row, we've been recognized for having the top Services squadron in Air Combat Command. 

Our Services troops not only do good things for us here they are also out making a difference on the front lines. They regularly deploy forward to feed troops, set up and manage tent cities, operate field exchanges and attend to fallen comrades. They help field commanders increase combat capability by promoting readiness, esprit de corps, and quality of life for military people. 

As Airmen, we continually train to build our skills and stay sharp. Our jobs can be tough and demanding and we need to find a balance between mission and family. Air Force Services offers many outlets for us to relax, recharge and to find that balance. Whether you are playing 18-holes at the Royal Oaks Golf Course or catching up on a good book borrowed from the base library, our Services squadron fosters a sense of community within the Air Force and contributes to the great hometown environment we enjoy at Whiteman. 

Beginning this weekend, our Services squadron will be competing for the Eubanks Award, recognizing the best Services squadron in the entire Air Force.
The evaluation team will arrive Saturday afternoon around 2:30 p.m. and will visit all our Services establishments over the course of the next week. Feel free to join us in welcoming the team as they arrive at billeting on Saturday, continue to use thefacilities and services you already enjoy, and let the evaluators know what our Services squadron does to improve your quality of life. I think we'd all agree that our Service squadron is definitely the best of the best and your support could make the difference!