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  • Sweat the small stuff

    Have you ever heard the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff?" We used that phrase all the time when I was a younger Airman. What is the "small stuff?" To me, it was the mundane tasks that I didn't consider important, but had to do anyway. To others, it's the small details that are tedious and you don't notice if everything goes the way it's
  • In Honor of those before us

    Each year on Veterans Day my mind's eye pictures members of our country's greatest generation. Their accomplishments and sacrifices in World War II and beyond exceed my ability to put their deeds into words, but surely, they did nothing less than ensure freedom and the promise of freedom, the world over. When I am in their presence, I am in awe.
  • Niner's Notes

    Veterans Day is a time to reflect on our legacy as warriors and defenders of liberty and our great nation. It is a day in which we can pay tribute to those who have preceded us and to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice. I hope all of us at Team Whiteman have an opportunity to reflect upon the tremendous commitment, leadership and sacrifice
  • Perspectives on change

    I'm sure you've heard it said "the only constant is change." For many of us, change can be very frustrating, but change offers us many opportunities. It allows us to refine our processes and rid ourselves of waste. It forces us to get in the instructions and brush up on requirements, instead of relying on the turnover log or continuity book. Change
  • Survival tips for the next generation Airman

    Under the current philosophy of do more with less, it's important to keep your wits, convey a positive attitude and try to find humor in the daily grind. Remember, we must always maintain and sharpen our skills in the profession of arms, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun. To help you succeed, I am going to share with you some lessons I have
  • Life’s lessons

    My grandfather was a very wise man. Although he never said much, what he did say often caught me off guard and I really never understood the underlying meanings until much later in life. My fondest memories of Grandfather are immersed in this quiet man's actions and the truth in his sayings. On one of my many summer trips to visit my grandparents,
  • Don't just stand there ... do something

    Are you a bystander? A bystander is someone in a crowd who "stands by" and doesn't do anything when they notice a problematic situation or behavior even though they may find the behavior to be offensive. A bystander does not protect the values of safety, trust, and honor that are central to our community. Sexual assault does not happen in a vacuum.
  • Maintaining a solid foundation

    This past month I became the owner of a home in the local area. In the process of buying my home I noticed an area on some brick work that I believed needed further inspection. I hired an independent inspector to come in and take a look at the property from top to bottom. The final assessment was that the area in question was nothing more than a
  • Why are we called Whiteman AFB?

    George Allison Whiteman, the eldest of 10 children of John and Earlie Whiteman, was born at the Wilkerson farm in Pettis County near Longwood, Mo., Oct. 12, 1919. In 1935, following graduation from Smith-Cotton High School in Sedalia, Mo. Whiteman enrolled in the Rolla School of Mines in Rolla, Mo., to get a degree in chemical engineering. To pay
  • I’m just a cog in the wheel

    I was talking with an Airman one day about how important his job was to the mission and for some reason, the Airman didn't feel the same way. The Airman said, "But chief, I'm just a little cog in a big wheel." Have you ever said that before? For you non gear heads: here is the definition of a cog in context of gearing: A gear is a component within