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  • CAS, 'the Hog,' and the reservist

    To prepare for our recent ORI, I wrote an article describing the 442nd Fighter Wing and the A-10 Warthog's purpose. I described a sign located on the life support door at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan. The sign states, "It's all about the 19-year-old with a rifle - everything else is just support." I love that statement since it reminds pilots and
  • Ethical values, setting the standard

    When I think of what is most important in our military careers, I tend to think back to the section in the Professional Development Guide concerning ethical values. Before each of us joined the military, we had our own interpretations and varying aspects of each one of them, but in basic training and tech schools, we were taught a clear-cut version
  • Tis the safety season ...

    It's that time of the year, where most of us are preparing for those wonderful meals, putting up holiday decorations, and meeting and greeting with family and friends. It is easy for our thoughts to get wrapped up in everyday stressors and forget to add safety into the equation of planning and coordinating. This holiday season, which runs from the
  • COMACC sends holiday safety message

    In preparation for the 2009 holiday season, Gen. William M. Fraser III, commander of Air Combat Command, sent the following message to Airmen, emphasizing the importance of family, friends and safety.Fellow Airmen,The holiday season gives us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, reflect on the past year, and look forward to future
  • Thanksgiving, 'Black Friday,' what's it all mean?

    So there you sit, the turkey has turned to a bare carcass, you most likely ate too much, again, despite telling yourself you wouldn't, and you're pondering why once again, we have to watch the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving. The day most likely started the same as it had for millions of Americans, with traditions that date back
  • Followership

    All of us have been part of some task that required someone to make a decision for everyone else to follow. Followership is a cornerstone of leadership and mission effectiveness. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that we all must be leaders to have mission effectiveness. If this were true, we would have a tough time accomplishing the simplest
  • Rise of the Cyber Wingman "10 guiding principles "

    As our Cyber Space Mission increases so does our guidance; taking the Wingmen concept that we all know and applying it to the cyber realm is just another step in the right direction. With the forming of Cyber Command, and more dedicated information coming from the upper echelons it's easy to see how security across our networks is such a great
  • Attributes of leadership

    We have all experienced different types of leaders. There are those we choose to emulate and those we choose to forget. Certain leaders are personable while others are removed and quiet. Some leaders are open-minded while others are stubbornly resolute. In the movie Miracle, the coach of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team, Herb Brooks, told his
  • Complimentary issue

    "Ding" - the seatbelt sign goes off as soon as the plane comes to a stop at the gate. Already annoyed by the number of passengers who think they are so important they have to turn their cell phones on the exact moment the wheels touch the runway, I watch in amazement as they now push the elderly aside and leap over young children to get to the
  • Recycle, reduce, reuse: doing your part, properly disposing of compact fluorescent light bulbs

    What are those weird looking light bulbs that consumers are starting to use that look like a weird ice cream swirl cone or a pig tail? They are compact fluorescent lights, and a hot item at hardware stores and super stores across the country for their energy and cost saving benefits. According to Energy Star, a program that was created by the