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  • Prevent injury when 'Slip Slidin' Away'

    Do you recall the words to the following Paul Simon song?"Slip slidin' away, you know the nearer your destination, the more you're slip slidin' away." Well, tis that season ... the cold, wet, icy, yucky, "slip slidin' away" conditions. Every year many people sustain injuries from slipping on the ice and other surfaces. Whether it is in the comfort
  • Air Force, A great way of life

    Wow, what an opportunity! Stationed at Whiteman for 17 years (yes, that's accurate) and I was finally asked to write an article for the Warrior. I truly do view this as an opportunity, one to share my story of this wonderful experience we call the Air Force and to offer some advice on opportunities, change and priorities, especially since this is
  • 2010: A year for success

    Well, here we go with another year, even another decade no less. How will you use this new year? Why do I ask? Because this is another year for success, another year for accomplishment and another year for achievement!Sometimes people move into the new year making resolutions with often mixed results. Part of the reason for this is resolutions are
  • Kickin' Butts

    It is the time of year when many Airmen around the 442nd Fighter Wing are making New Year's resolutions, and quitting smoking could be a priority for many of them. I started smoking in 1991 while deployed with the Army to Operation Desert Storm. A fellow soldier was always lighting up and out of boredom I bummed one off him every now and then
  • Celebrate the Holiday Season

    December is a busy month full of family, friends and holiday cheer. It's also a time to reflect on the past year and celebrate the special people in our lives, near and far, young and old, whom we hold dear.In this spirit of reflection and celebration I'd like to thank the men and women of the Mighty Eighth for a remarkable year and a job well
  • The Power of ‘thank you’

    My coworkers and I had been working for nearly two years to develop a business plan to purchase 60, C-17s with a set budget. There were many statutory and fiscal barriers to achieving the team's goal of buying the aircraft. It was an incredible undertaking that required long hours, weekend work and time away from our families. It was one of the
  • Service, Sacrifice

    My dad served in the U.S. Air Force during and after Vietnam. My grandfather served in the Navy during World War II, each of them had some amazing stories of what they had done to serve our nation. My dad was a weapons system operator on F-111s and F-4s. As a kid, I had read many of my dad's decorations and medals. Some hung on the wall, but not
  • Foreign Object Damage prevention key to mission success

    The aircraft is being marshaled out of the hanger. The mission is a go. This aircraft is needed in another part of the world to support operations on the ground. The crew chief gives his salute and the pilot bumps the throttle to start his taxi towards the runway. BLAM-O! The number two engine shells out sending pieces of metal in all directions.
  • Fending off cyberspace 'intruders'

    "Intruders" from cyberspace are trying to hack into the Whiteman Air Force Base network and steal information from unsuspecting users. The intruders are not hackers, though they pretend to be, to gain access to information they would need if they wanted to cripple the mission here. Fortunately, they are not a real threat, but a group of Airmen from
  • Equal opportunity myth busters - Debunking tales complicating the EO Program

    What is a myth? There are various definitions. Yet, it baffles the 509th Bomb Wing Equal opportunity staff how falsehood and unproven beliefs exist, hampering the importance of the Air Force human relations program. At Whiteman, the EO office recognizes the importance of the mission and personnel. We communicate to all members both active duty and