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Public Tours and Flyovers

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Members of Team Whiteman's Honor Guard carry the colors during a parade.                   Brig. Gen. Thomas Bussiere, 509th Bomb Wing commander, speaks to the crowd during a 9/11 ceremony at the University of Central Missouri.
Welcome to Whiteman Air Force Base's Public Tours and Flyovers page. The objective of Whiteman AFB's public tour and flyover programs is to increase public awareness and understanding of the Air Force and Whiteman's mission.  We support surrounding communities in all aspects, ranging from tour requests, speaker's bureau or participation in local events. Our goal is to foster positive relations with the surrounding communities.

tabOscar-01 Tour 
What is Oscar-1?

From 1964 to 1993, Whiteman AFB's Oscar-01 served as command center for 10 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles. Oscar was one of 15 such facilities that were spread out across west central Missouri.

Oscar stood out, however, as it was the only such operational site actually located on a base.

Today, the site is a tribute to all Air Force members who pulled alert duty and kept the system operational during the Cold War. As such, Oscar is open for tours.

Individuals who have base access can call (660) 687-6560 to schedule a separate tour of Oscar-01.
tabSpeaker's Request 
Our Airmen enjoy meeting and educating local community members on the Whiteman and Air Force story!

If you would like to request a member of Team Whiteman to speak at your event, please fill out a Whiteman AFB Speaker's Request form with as much detail as possible and return to 509.bw.pa@us.af.mil.

Please keep in mind that not all requests can be honored depending on our operations schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 660-687-6126. Thank you and have a great day!

Click here to dowload the Whiteman AFB Speaker's Request form
Click icon to download the
Whiteman AFB Speaker's Request form
tabSpirit Tours 
Tour Policies

Spirit Tours are geared toward families and members of the general public. These tours will be held twice monthly from March through October 2016. Requests for tours outside of this timeframe will be denied and/or postponed to the following calendar year.

Spirit Tours are generally intended for members of the general public, as opposed to large groups, who are interested in learning more about the history, missions and assets of Whiteman Air Force Base. A maximum of 40 guests are allowed on a Spirit Tour. In the past, the 509th BW Public Affairs Office hosted individual group tours; however, interested parties for the 2016 year will need to enroll in a Spirit Tour on a space-available, first-come-first-served basis as the two programs have been combined. For example, if a 25 person group wishes to attend a Spirit Tour, the remaining 15 slots are available to be awarded to other interested parties. Please note that this will not impact the information presented, opportunities and/or experience of the tour.

Tour dates are scheduled months in advance and are pre-coordinated with supporting units on base. Because tour itineraries and security paperwork must be pre-coordinated, we are not able to accommodate drop-ins or last-minute tour requests. There are zero exceptions to this policy.

All interested participants will contact the Public Affairs office at (660) 687-6126, (660) 687-5727, or via email at 509.BW.PA@us.af.mil to sign up for a tour. Please see the information below regarding the Spirit Tour Request Form.

Whiteman AFB does not offer weekend tours due to limited manning and operations.

Noteworthy items:
-- Cameras and cellphones will not be allowed for use on base. It is best to leave these home; however a Public Affairs representative will collect cell phones and cameras which will be returned at the conclusion of the visit.
-- Upon request, Public Affairs is able to take a group photo and send to the person who signs up your party.


Please see the Official Whiteman Air Force Base 2016 Tour Schedule memorandum for a list of dates approved for 2016. Please note that the Spirit Two Tour scheduled for Friday, April 22, 2016 has been cancelled due to operational requirements and there will not be a tour scheduled for the last two weeks of April 2016.

Please note that these will fill quickly and are always subject to change or cancellation due to operational requirements or inclement weather conditions with short notice. The Public Affairs Office will work to inform groups as soon as possible should operational requirements dictate a change in plan.

All Spirit Tour reservations are taken on a first come, first serve basis. For reservations, please read and complete the Spirit Tour Request Form.
Click here to download the Spirit Tour Request Form

Click icon to download the Spirit Tour Request Form

Spirit One Tour

This tour takes place 8:40 a.m. to noon and includes a wing mission brief highlighting each unit on base and how each contributes to the defense of America, an Oscar-01 missile launch control facility tour, a viewing of the 509th Bomb Wing's B-2 static display and a short windshield tour of the base.

Maximum participants: 40

Spirit Two Tour

This tour takes place 8:40 a.m. to noon and includes a wing mission brief, highlighting each unit on base and how each contributes to the defense of America, a viewing of the 442nd Fighter Wing's A-10 and a viewing of the 509th Bomb Wing's B-2 static display, and a short windshield tour of the base.

Maximum participants: 40

All guests visiting Whiteman must provide:

-- Full legal names exactly as they appear on driver's license. If the actual license reads John C. Smith, John Charles Smith will not be accepted for access.
-- Driver's license # w/ state of issue
-- Social Security number
-- Address, e-mail and phone number for the group's main coordinator. This information is required to send confirmation letter and/or notify of cancellation, etc.
-- By order of the installation commander, non-U.S. citizens are not able to tour Whiteman Air Force Base at this time.

All information listed above must be provided to 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office no later than 30 days before the requested tour date. In order to submit this personally identifiable information, requestors must fax it to (660) 687-7948 or verbally transmit this information via phone. The Public Affairs Office cannot receive this information via email for security reasons.

Confirmation emails will be sent approximately three weeks before a scheduled tour with a reminder of pertinent information.

To make a reservations, please read and complete the Spirit Tour Request Form.

 Inside Whiteman AFB

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tabRequesting a Flyover
Requests for a military flyover at your special event can be made through the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support home page.

Event organizers should be aware that military aircraft flyover requests are subject to a number of restrictions and are supported only where they do not impact operational mission accomplishment.

Anyone requesting a military aircraft flyover must submit a completed DD Form 2535 to the public affairs office a minimum of 90 days prior to the event to be considered for support.

Less than 90 days notice greatly reduces the chance that support will be available. Requests received 30 days or closer to the event will NOT be considered.

If your event is not aviation-related or directly connected to a patriotic holiday, you must fill out an Exception-to-Policy (ETP) form. This form provides greater detail on the military connection to the event. Please be as comprehensible as possible.

You may download and print out a DD Form 2535 and the Exception-to-Policy form, along with instructions for correctly filling out both forms on the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events Support request procedures page.

If you plan to request a military aircraft flyover, please call the 509th Bomb Wing Public Affairs Office at (660) 687-6123 beforehand to discuss your project. Although we cannot guarantee approval of your request, we can help make the application/request process a smoother experience for you.
tabHonor Guard
The mission of the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard is to represent Airmen to the American Public and the World. The vision of the USAF Honor Guard is to ensure a legacy of Airmen who: promote the mission; protect the standards; perfect the image; and preserve the heritage.

To request the Team Whiteman Honor Guard, please complete a Honor Guard Request form with as much detail as possible and return to 509.bw.pa@us.af.mil.

Please note that each event is approved on a case by case basis and you will be notified in the event of either an approval or denial.
Click icon to download the Whiteman AFB Honor Guard Request form
Click emblem above to download
the Whiteman AFB Honor Guard
Request form.
tabSocial Media
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