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Default Air Force Logo Safety is Stupid
Ours is an extremely bright corps of dedicated Airmen, by any measure among the most educated military forces on earth. One of the hallmarks of intelligence, you would think, is the ability to keep yourself from dying. Yet year after year, unfortunate Airmen are needlessly lost to vehicle mishaps, drowning, falls and a variety of other such
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WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE, Mo. - Col. John Robinson (right), 509th Bomb Wing vice commander, and Maj. Bob Bryant(center), 509th Bomb Wing executive officer, spray Chief Master Sgt. Brian Hornback, 509th Bomb Wing command chief, with champagne after his first and last flight in a B-2 bomber May 15. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Charles Larkin) Farewell, Team Whiteman
While my time as the 509th Bomb Wing command chief comes to an end I can't help but reflect on you, our wing and the mission. The 509th BW has a proud heritage of fighting and winning and I am proud to have worn the patch of the mighty 509th twice in my career! Each and every one of you has done many a great thing towards building on that
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Default Air Force Logo Reflections as a member of the Air Force family
I write this article as a member of the Whiteman Chiefs Group, which I, am so very privileged to be part of. I have been retired since January 1994, and would like to share with you some reflections on being part of the Air Force family. For each of us that have been part of the Air Force, regardless of the time served, the memories, relationships
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Default Air Force Logo How do you build trust?
Trust is the glue that binds a relationship. Without it everything will literally fall apart. You're in a life-or-death business. Can you do anything totally by yourself? Of course not! Aren't you more comfortable, more confident, when you know someone is there to "check your six?" Do you have just enough people on your work team to get the job
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Default Air Force Logo Do I hear bees?
Sometimes, for no apparent reason, I begin to hear buzzing sounds. At first I thought it was tinnitus, but that's ringing not buzzing. Then I figured it was just me getting older. That's my wife's explanation for everything, but I soon realized that wasn't it either. After ruling out the other possibilities I started to really listen to the
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Default Air Force Logo Change is not always a bad thing
I can still remember my initial days of basic training--and I'm sure most Airmen, if they really try, can too. For me this was a significant change in lifestyle. It was also a time of anxiety, apprehension, doubt, fear and chaos on many fronts. Ultimately the majority of us triumphed over this challenging period and in the end we became better
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Default Air Force Logo National African American History Month

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Default Air Force Logo Set yourself up for success in 2009
With the holiday season upon us, I find myself wondering where the time has gone. It seems like only yesterday we were battling the cold during the 2007 holiday season and looking forward to the New Year and the many events that would have an impact on our lives. Many people set new goals and resolutions for 2008 and are now wondering what happened
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Default Air Force Logo Moments in Time
Have you ever thought back to moments of time and reflected on how small moments have shaped your life? I have and can remember everything about the exact moment in time, what happened and how it affected me. I remember my senior year in high school hearing the news that my best friend's father had suddenly passed away. It was a cold January
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Default Air Force Logo The most important Airman
The United States Air Force, and the Army Air Corps before 1947, has grown into the premier air force in the world. Time and again we have shown our capability. We have gotten so good that we've changed the way wars are waged. Airpower has come a long way since Gen. Billy Mitchell fought for a separate air force. Every Airman that has ever served
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